Melanie Lentz

Former U.S. Secret Service Special Agent - Writer - Speaker - Lady



Basic Media Prep Sheet

Bio: Melanie Lentz became a Secret Service agent at age 22, one of the youngest female agents ever hired. She spent her first eight years assigned to the chaotic Los Angeles Field Office where she worked fraud and intelligence investigations in between protecting visiting foreign leaders and traveling around the country and abroad on protections assignments for America’s leaders. She was then reassigned to Former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s protection detail where she remained until her passing. As the only agent in the embalming room with Nancy Reagan and the only female pallbearer at her private funeral, Melanie credits much of her “life learning” with protecting the former First Lady. Melanie hopes her work adventures and relatable personal life cause encouragement, empowerment, and, of course, some laughter.

Topics/Talking Points:

Becoming an agent at 22

Being a woman in a profession that’s nearly 90% male

Ways my age and gender were an advantage in certain instances

Funniest things that happened on the job

Life lessons learned from the Secret Service and Nancy Reagan

Other: Melanie’s book, Agent Innocent: A Secret Service Love Story, will be released soon. Subscribe to her newsletter at www.melanielentz.comto get updates about release dates and upcoming events.